Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (2022)

Ways to Bank: Bank online, in-person or by phone

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Explore online and mobile banking

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (1)

  • A better way to manage your money from wherever you are so you can bank whenever. Harness the power of mobile banking with the TD app or bank online from the comfort of home through EasyWeb.
  • Our digital banking tutorials can help you learn more and get started with online banking with EasyWeb.

Branch Banking and ATM

With over 2,300 branches and over 4,000 ATMs across North America, TD makes it convenient and easy to bank. Drop by a branch to take care of your everyday banking needs or book an appointment to chat with an advisor.

TD Branch

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  • Take care of all your everyday banking needs, from paying bills, to buying U.S. dollars, to making a deposit or withdrawal
  • TD has more branches open Sunday than any other bank, and we stay open later and longer1
  • Meet with our friendly advisors to chat about a mortgage, loan or investment and discover new ways to grow your money

TD Advice Centres

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (3)

We've created a relaxed, comfortable space where you can chat with a TD advisor about your everyday banking, investment or borrowing needs.

Whether you’re planning the next steps toward your goals— or getting ready to take the first step — we can help you get there.

Let us show you how to use our digital banking tools so you can feel confident banking when you want, where you want.

Benefits of banking at a TD Branch ATM

TD Branch ATMs are a quick and easy way to deal with your everyday banking.

You can withdraw cash at any TD ATM in Canada regardless of its location. For TD ATMs located at or near a TD branch, TD personal banking customers can also deposit money (by cash or cheque), pay bills, check account balances, and transfer money between TD personal accounts.

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (4)

Convenient locations

With over 3,000 locations in Canada, you can find a TD ATM close to you.

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (5)

Transaction confirmation

Get an itemized receipt confirming the transactions you made at a TD ATM.

Key transactions you can perform at a TD Branch ATM

  • Cash Withdrawals
    You can withdraw cash at any TD ATM regardless of its location. For TD ATMs located at or near a TD branch, you can choose exactly which bills you prefer (5’s, 20’s, 50’s and 100’s2).
  • Cash Deposits
    When TD personal banking customers deposit cash, TD Branch ATMs can automatically count your bills and tally your total deposit amount, saving you time.
  • Cheque Deposits
    At a TD Branch ATM, TD personal banking customers can deposit more than one cheque at the same time. Plus, the ATM will automatically tally your total deposit amount for you.
  • Bill Payments
    Set up regular bill payments from your TD personal deposit account so you can quickly pay your bills at any TD Branch ATM.
  • Account Transfers
    You can easily transfer money between your TD personal deposit accounts at any TD Branch ATM.
  • Check Balances
    At a TD Branch ATM, you can quickly check the balances of your various TD personal deposit accounts.
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Find an ATM

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (6)

In Canada

Find an ATM in Canada


Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (7)

In the U.S.

Find an ATM in the U.S.

Features of TD Branch ATMs

You can communicate with a TD Branch ATM in Canada in a total of seven languages. These ATMs also have audio capability for the visually impaired. Simply plug a headset into the ATM before inserting your card.

  • Languages
    ATMs come in the following languages: English, French, Punjabi, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  • Audio capability
    Access this capability in English or French by plugging in a standard headset at any TD Branch ATM.
  • Design features
    Lower screens and buttons and partial shelves to aid in wheelchair accessibility at TD Branch ATMs
  • Keypad assistance
    If the touchscreen is not easily accessible, all you need to do is press the wheelchair icon located at the bottom of the ATM screen – and you will be able to use the keypad or the touchscreen to make your selections.
  • Alternate format documents
    Customers can also request documents in alternate formats including Braille and large print. To request this service, call 1-800-831-11581-800-831-1158 or visit your nearest branch.

ATM Banking FAQs

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EasyLine Telephone Banking

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to enjoy convenient and secure access to your TD accounts by choosing our quick automated service or by speaking with a Telephone Banking Specialist. Ready to talk?

TD VoicePrintTM

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (8)

Enjoy added protection when you call EasyLine

TD VoicePrint uses voice recognition technology to create a print of your voice that is made up of more than 100 characteristics. Together, these characteristics create a voiceprint that's unique to you.

Once enrolled, TD VoicePrint helps confirm your identity when you call, providing an additional layer of protection when banking by phone with EasyLine. Enrolling in TD VoicePrint is completely optional.

How to enroll in TD VoicePrint

Call us

Call EasyLine at 1-866-222-3456.Call EasyLine at 1-866-222-3456.

Verify your identity

Authenticate your identity through the usual verification process.


Request to enroll in TD VoicePrint.

Talk to us

We’ll talk with you for up to 2 minutes while TD VoicePrint works in the background to capture your unique voice characteristics.

Ready to use

The next time you call EasyLine, TD VoicePrint will quickly and automatically authenticate your voice.

Easy automated service

  • Pay bills to over 7,000 companies – you can also postdate payments
  • Confirm your account balances and account activity (including your TD Credit Card or Line of Credit)
  • Transfer funds between your TD Canada Trust accounts
  • Transfer funds to another TD Canada Trust customer’s account
  • Check your bill payment history to see what bills you’ve paid
  • Receive TD Mutual Funds prices, returns,, account balances and activity
  • Press '0' at any time to speak directly with a Telephone Banking Specialist for personal assistance or advice.

Personalized service 24/7

  • Open a new chequing or savings account
  • Order cheques
  • Request a stop payment
  • Invest in GICs and Term Deposits
  • Open a TD Canada Trust RSP and make contributions
  • Make deposits to TD Direct investing self-directed and direct trading accounts
  • Apply for a Loan/Mortgage/Line of Credit or renew a mortgage (some restrictions apply)
  • Request a Credit Card cash advance
  • Transfer between your U.S. and Canadian dollar accounts

Privacy and security

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (9)

We've taken care to ensure that only you have access to your financial information when banking by phone. No one can access your personal financial information without your TD Canada Trust Access Card number and confidential PhoneCode, so only you have access to your funds. And with TD VoicePrintTM, you can add an additional layer of security when banking by phone.

Does EasyLine cost anything?

EasyLine costs nothing and account balance inquiries are free.

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (10)

Personal fees

Understand other banking fees that may be associated with your banking plan

Learn more

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Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (11)

Business fees

Get to know other fees that may apply to your small business banking plan.

Learn more

Track spending and saving with TD MySpend

Take control of your savings and spending with the TD MySpend app, the tool that gives you financial control – and confidence – right at your fingertips. Track your daily and monthly cash flow, create a wishlist of savings goals and get insights to help you make these goals happen.

Track your expenses

  • Gain spending insights
    Use MySpend to track your expenses and get spending insights. Also get transaction alerts every time money is spent.
  • Categorize your expenses
    Stay on top of spending by categorizing expenses by needs, wants or other.

Save for your goals

  • Keep moving toward your goals
    Use the wish list feature to set savings goals and track your progress towards them.
  • Know when goals are within reach
    MySpend predicts when you will reach your savings goal based on your previous saving habits.

Track your cash flow

  • Cash flow management
    Keep track of your spending and deposits across your accounts so you can see your net cash each month.
  • See the whole picture
    Get alerts when money is deposited into your accounts.

How does TD MySpend determine my typical monthly spending?

With continued use of TD MySpend, your typical overall spending and your spending in each category are always a rolling average of your previous 13 months of spending from your TD personal banking accounts and your TD credit cards. Only the accounts that are turned on in TD MySpend are factored into your average monthly spending.

When you first set up TD MySpend, your recent account activity is analyzed to initially determine both your overall monthly spending and spending in each category.

Why you'll love TD MySpend

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (12)


TD MySpend is totally free to download, however standard message and data rates may apply.

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (13)


TD MySpend is securely linked to your Personal Banking accounts to provide you with financial insights that are tailored just for you.

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (14)


TD MySpend categorizes spending, deposits and tracks savings progress from your Personal Banking accounts, saving you valuable time.

How to start using TD MySpend

To use TD MySpend, the TD app must also be installed on your device.

Download the TD MySpend app

TD MySpend can be downloaded on Android and iPhone Smartphones.

Connect to your TD Banking accounts

Once enrolled, your eligible TD Canadian dollar personal banking accounts and credit card accounts will automatically be added.

Build your financial confidence

Have a happier financial future by achieving your spending goals and making your wishes happen.

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TD MySpend FAQs

Helpful advice to help you manage your money

  • How to make a budget

    Learn about tips and tools to help you budget for any financial goal.

  • Tips to trim your household budget

    Household costs adding up? Get ideas to help you cut back on your family's expenses and start saving more money.

  • Budgeting for needs and wants

    Learn how to budget for your needs and wants so you know what is most essential to you.

Lighten your wallet

Securely store your loyalty, membership and gift cards on your smartphone. TD Wallet helps you keep these cards handy for when you need them

Ways to Bank – Online, Mobile, In-Branch (18)

Ways to use TD Wallet

  • Loyalty Cards
    Don't miss out on loyalty points. Pull up your loyalty cards on TD Wallet and scan the barcode to earn or redeem at checkout.
  • Gift Cards
    Have gift cards with you when you need them. Pull up a gift card on TD Wallet to use the balance at check-out. And know what's left to spend by adding the balance in the space provided.
  • Membership Cards
    Check into the gym or out of the library with TD Wallet. Store your membership cards in your TD Wallet. Plus, add card expiration dates so you know when to renew.

TD Wallet keeps your information secure

With TD Wallet, you can use a passcode or Touch ID, depending on your smartphone, to protect your personal information. Learn more about privacy and security at TD.

Please note: TD Wallet does not currently offer the ability to make payments using credit and/or debit cards as these types of cards cannot be added to TD Wallet. To make payments using credit and/or debit cards, Android users can access Samsung Pay or TD Mobile Payment4. Apple users may also use Apple Pay through the Apple Wallet.


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How can I do mobile banking? ›

The mobile app makes it easy to deposit a check in a few steps: Download your bank or credit union's app on your smartphone if you haven't already. Understand any rules your bank or credit union has about mobile check deposit. Follow the directions in the mobile app to deposit the check.

How do I do Online Banking? ›

How to register for Online Banking - YouTube

What is the difference between mobile and Online Banking? ›

Mobile banking is performed on an app using a portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Online banking can be carried out on any device with an internet connection (e.g., desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, tablet) and doesn't require users to download an app.

What are two reasons for no Online Banking? ›

6 Reasons Why People Avoid Online Banks
  • 'I'm afraid online banks aren't as secure as my traditional bank. ' ...
  • 2. ' I'm afraid online banks are still a little too new or untested.' ...
  • 'I'm afraid an online bank won't be nearly as convenient as my neighborhood bank. ' ...
  • 'I'm afraid online banking is too technical. ' ...
  • 5. ' ...
  • 6. '
Jun 8, 2022

What are the types of mobile banking? ›

Types of Mobile Banking
  • Mobile banking is classified into 3 types – App-based banking, SMS banking, & USSD Banking.
  • Mobile banking applications encompass the broadest range of banking services.
  • You can transfer funds, make investments and book FDs through app-based banking.
Feb 3, 2022

Is mobile banking free? ›

SBI Mobile Banking services are absolutely free of charges, except he SMS charges. It is a safe and secure process. There are a number of services that can be availed through State Bank FreedoM. There is no need of registration with any specific service provider as it can be availed across all service providers.

What is the safest way to do online banking? ›

Safety precautions when banking online

Make sure the bank's website is using an HTTPS web address before logging in. Change your password regularly and don't use it anywhere else. Use multifactor authentication.

How can I online transfer money? ›

Step 1- Login to your bank's internet banking website with your Customer ID and Password. Step 2- Add beneficiary by entering his account number, name and IFS Code. Step 3- After successful beneficiary addition, go to the 'Fund Transfer' section and click on IMPS. Select beneficiary and enter amount.

What is the safest device for online banking? ›

The Edge browser in Windows 10 is a new sandboxed app, so it's much better for banking than Internet Explorer. Otherwise, Chrome is the most secure alternative, because it runs in Google's own strong sandbox. Some security companies also provide add-ons, such as Kaspersky Safe Money and Bitdefender Safepay.

What is the biggest danger when online banking? ›

Risks of Online Banking
  • Online banks can go offline. ...
  • Hackers. ...
  • Identity Theft. ...
  • Choose an online bank with top-of-the-line security. ...
  • Don't do your banking on public Wi-Fi. ...
  • Be careful with your debit card. ...
  • Change passwords regularly. ...
  • Get identity theft protection.
Sep 27, 2021

Which is the best app for mobile banking? ›

Top 10 Mobile Banking Apps in India
  1. Kotak-811 & Mobile Banking. In our list of top 10 mobile banking apps in India, Kotak-811 is number one. ...
  2. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking. ...
  3. YONO Lite SBI. ...
  4. Axis Mobile. ...
  5. IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ ...
  6. Baroda M-Connect Plus. ...
  7. iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank. ...
  8. CANDI – Mobile Banking App!

How can I send money through my phone? ›

It takes couple of hours to a few days for the mobile banking facility to get activated depending from bank to bank. Sending to an account: Compose an SMS and type IMPS (Interbank Mobile Payment Service) followed by the receiver's account number, Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) and the amount you want to send.

What is mobile banking app? ›

A mobile banking application allows a customer to conduct a variety of banking transactions. A smartphone and a stable internet connection are required for the mobile banking application. It gives customers the ability to conduct banking transactions at any time and from any location.

Which online banking app is best? ›

Top 10 Mobile Banking Apps in India
  1. Kotak-811 & Mobile Banking. In our list of top 10 mobile banking apps in India, Kotak-811 is number one. ...
  2. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking. ...
  3. YONO Lite SBI. ...
  4. Axis Mobile. ...
  5. IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ ...
  6. Baroda M-Connect Plus. ...
  7. iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank. ...
  8. CANDI – Mobile Banking App!

What does a mobile banker do? ›

What is a mobile lender? A mobile lender is really a personalised banking specialist. We look to provide a tailored solution for each customer. We really try to support and provide direction for our customers looking to set up, buy and refinance homes.


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