Taurus millennium g2 recall? (2023)

Is the Taurus Millennium G2 a good gun?

While the initial Pro series had issues, the renovated PT111 G2 has earned a reputation for quality on a budget. It's affordable, reliable, has a decent magazine capacity of 12 rounds of 9mm, and small enough to conceal carry and yet large enough to fight with.

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Is there a recall on the Taurus PT111 G2?

As part of the $239 million settlement, Taurus agreed to a voluntary recall of 1 million pistols. Taurus pistols included in the settlement include the following models: PT-111 Millennium.

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What is a Taurus Millennium 9mm worth?

MSRP: $301.52. Rear Sight: Adjustable- 2 Dots.

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What's the difference between a Taurus Millennium G2 and a G2C?

Unlike the G2, the G2C slide has a matte black finish that does not reflect when exposed to light. The G2C's matte black finish also makes the gun less susceptible to scratches and similar issues.

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Is Taurus G2C drop safe?

When it comes to safety mechanisms, the G2C is “loaded”! It has an internal striker block that keeps the firing pin from moving forward unless the trigger is pulled. This prevents accidental discharge if the gun were to be dropped..

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Where is the Taurus Millennium G2 made?

The Taurus Millennium G2, also known as the Taurus G2C, is a staple of the Brazilian company. The gun is made in Brazil and imported through Taurus's Miami division. This gun is very popular in the US market due to its price point, as the Millennium G2c comes in at under $250 in most shops.

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Does Taurus still have a lifetime warranty?

Taurus promises to remedy any defect in material, function or workmanship for the entire time that the original purchaser owns the firearm.

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Is the Taurus G2C worth it?

Even though the newer G3 and G3c pistols are out, the Taurus G2C is still an excellent choice for concealed carry. With its affordable price tag, you get serious bang for your buck – an accurate, reliable handgun that is serviced by a range of aftermarket accessories. It is easy to use and easy to hide.

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Are Taurus guns high quality?

We found it to be accurate, reliable, and easy to shoot—even compared to some pistols that were much more expensive. We fired approximately 350 rounds of various ammunition through the Taurus G3X, and it ran everything reliably.

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Which gun is better Sccy or Taurus?

That said, the Taurus G2C is a much easier gun to shoot. Recoil on both these guns is stout, but is less so on the Taurus G2C due to its extra weight. The trigger on the Taurus G2C is also much easier to use than the SCCY CPX1, so I am going to have to give the Taurus a clear win on shootability.

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Which is better Taurus G2C or G3?

If you're looking for a subcompact pistol primarily intended for everyday carry, the Taurus G2c and G3c are the most concealable choices. If you're looking for a general-purpose handgun that you can use for both concealed carrying and home defense, you may prefer the Taurus G3.

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